Confused About Which Security Company To Hire (Some Golden Tips)

Mr. Pawanjit Singh AhluwaliaMr. Pawanjit Singh Ahluwalia
(Chairman Premier Shield, member of the TAG group)

  1. Most security guard companies offer security officers and guards for hire, who are well trained for protecting the inmates of an office , establishment or apartment from any sort of outside threats.
  2. When hiring a company for this purpose, it is good to ensure that the company has got the required license for this purpose. Ask for the license and see it. This is generally available on the respective state portals Online.
  3. Ensure that the company has a proper recruitment, training, deployment, monitoring, and feed back system. Companies that have a proper response management system are the ones that should be shortlisted for selection.
  4. The company must have proper social security registrations. Check if all employees are medically insured. It is better to check the previous records of the company to find about their performance in the services offered by them
    in the past from their customers.
  5. Reputation of the company is highly essential and this aspect should be given utmost focus when selecting a guard service providing firm. Also, before selecting a firm, it is better to make sure that they offer round the clock customer support.
  6. The company should have good training policies for effective training to the guards working under its control in such a way that the security of their customers can be well-assured, and the security officers look intelligent, authoritative, well groomed and capable for the job entrusted to them.
  7. They should be experienced in offering both unarmed and armed security personnel not only for commercial and industrial purposes, but also for residential purposes.
  8. These security companies must have their own supervisors, who ensure that every guard employed by them are attentive to details, punctual and well-groomed to offer the right kind of service to their customers.
  9. As a business owner ensure that you get a security report each day. The security guards must assemble for briefing before the start of their duty and debriefed at the end of their duty.
  10. Till a few years ago, security guards were required to protect only important people in the society, but this trend has now changed, nearly all high net worth individuals hire security to protect themselves, their families assets and businesses. Even common civilians are looking for security assistance these days.

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Pawanjit Ahluwalia

The author is a former Military officer from the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army. He has 38 years of experience in the Private Security Industry. He has advised 2359 business owners and CEO’s, to protect their assets, people, and information. He has brought peace of mind and the feeling of being secure to thousands of employee families, business owners, and their assets. In the Private security Industry, Risk Management and IT solutions.